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Excel with our proven 3-step method
integrating spaced repetition, recall, and teach-backs

Board Style
Practice Questions

Practice questions are arguably one of the most important study tools when it comes to preparing for board exams. Using multiple board style questions, we help you analyze fundamental concepts and master high yield material.

Highly Effective
group workshops

With the help of Supplemental Instruction, a technique first developed in 1973 by Dr. Deanna Martin at the University of Missouri–Kansas City (UMKC), these peer-assisted study sessions are proven to improve retention and recall.

Study tips &
Test Taking Strategies

We provide individual one on one sessions with our students in order to evaluate their thought process and response to questions. This helps us identify why they may be choosing incorrect answers and how to remedy it.

Wellness &
stress management

Excessive levels of stress and test anxiety can lead to a poor mindset and be detrimental to exam performance. We offer highly effective transformational workshops to give you a mindset of growth, gratitude and abundance.

Our foolproof approach

We use a proven formula which allows you to maximize your learning potential by integrating knowledge, reasoning skills, stamina, endurance, and a positive state of mind. We’re so confident in our process we offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

We help you

unlock your

true potential

We work with our students every step of the way to identify their deficiencies and analyze their thought process while tackling the types of questions they will come across on their board examinations.

Using the highly effective peer reviewed model created in 1973 by Dr. Deanna Martin from the University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC), we are proficient at providing students the right tools to improve study skills, master topics, retain more knowledge, and correctly answer board style questions, even when they are uncertain about the diagnosis! 

2300+ Practice Questions

We will cover 2,300 real board exam style questions together during class.

97% Pass Rate

On the first attempt. We won’t let you leave till you pass!

Simulated Exams

You wouldn’t jump into an ocean without first swimming in a pool. Same goes for board exams.

Your Choice

On site. Online. Or even on your University Campus. We’re here for YOU!

part 1

Let’s tackle the Biomedical Sciences together!

part 2

Soar through the Clinical Sciences!


I was preparing for my exam and Dane was my instructor. Without any doubts he was one of the reasons I passed my test. He help me with a lot of patience, was really dedicated to teach, always willing to help me. Even after I finished the course he continue with an eye on me, always cheering me up and explaining every silly question. I highly recommend taking his program!!

-Former Student

I was very impressed with the NPLEX review by Divine Herbalism. The instructor was able to talk about very specific ideas clearly and motivated the group well. He was also a big support of team camaraderie and socializing within the group as well. The instructor was always calm and remained focused throughout my 4 week review course. I spent roughly 8 hours a day with him during the week and felt very prepared for my  exam. I ended up doing well and I think a lot of it was due to the structure and team building experiences I had there.

-Former Student

If only I knew about you guys beforehand. I was on the verge of giving up. This was my last shot and I am so happy I decided to try your program! What stood out the most was how you used a variety of tactics to make sure that we not only
learned the concepts but were able to teach others as well. I liked that every day was broken down into different sections which helped keep us organized and productive. Dr. Arshadi helped me and guided me through recognizing my weaknesses. Once I was able to pinpoint what was wrong, along with putting to practice the program’s test taking and stress management techniques taught by Dr. Arshadi, I found myself confident enough to sit through this exam once more. I passed with the highest score I had ever gotten. Thank you once again!

-Former Student

I was a student of the Divine Herbalism course in Atlanta. They showed a strong commitment to teaching students how to master complex material in a relatively short period of time. The instructor led on of the most diverse groups that I have ever been in. We had students from multiple countries and several who spoke English as a second language. Dane worked well with this group and every student did well on their exams. His mastery of the material was evident in his daily preparation and teaching style. I would definitely look into this course if you find yourself struggling with exams. I’m glad I made the right choice.

-Former Student

I just wanted to thank you both so much for all your time and wisdom in helping me prepare. I felt stronger going in and stronger coming out. I will be sure to let all my classmates know what a great job you guys did in helping me get my test mojo back. Thank you so much!

-Former Student


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