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1. I took a simulated exam and it gave me a predictive score of passing. Should I still attend your program?

Our work is known for the way we help students analyze board questions by using our unique question approach. Students report that this approach has helped them answer questions with more accuracy, even the most challenging questions they probably would have missed before. With residency spots having tighter competition, getting the highest possible score you can, is a really good idea. Knowing how to answer the questions when using our appraoch can help you achieve this.

2. I failed Part 1 twice and I’ve taken other review courses prior to each failure. How does your course differ from lecture based review programs?

This program centers on how to approach and analyze questions. Other programs are lecture based and do not teach techniques that 1) help you recognize distractors in questions, 2) identify key points that lead to the right answer, and 3) have a protocol/method that helps you pick the right answer when you are stuck between two answers.

3. What does your program offer in terms of lectures?

W offer a good mix of lectures and group workshops to solidify your knowledge and strengthen your critical thinking skills.

4. If you do not have lectures, how do we review the material?

Our program is designed by PhDs, MDS, and Learning Specialists. Together these professionals targeted the best way of learning, for not only memory retention, but more importantly for the understanding and integration of concepts.

5. My friend came to this program and said she learned a lot through the group workshops component of your program. She told me that the way you teach this really helped her to remember the material. How do you do that?

We know that students can leave a lecture room with many misunderstandings; and we also know that students only retain 10% of the information if it is presented as passive learning: i.e. lecture. Therefore, we believe in the effectiveness of tactile and cognitive learning. This enables students to store information into long-term memory and to thoroughly understand the concepts. Students review the information 3 times over in a 48 – 72 hour period, using different angles and approaches to the information for deeper learning and assimilation purposes.

6. I have never been a good test taker and I need an approach on how to work through test questions. Will your method help me?

Our unique approach to answering questions will give you a strategy to use not only in the exam you are preparing for, but in all your future board exams and shelf exams. Students report after their tests that they felt they could manage any question on exam day because they had our approach. Most students tell us that once they have learned our Method© they do not feel anxious about exam day anymore because they have a game plan that empowers them when they answer even the most challenging questions.

7. I am always running out of time on the exam. What do you suggest I do?

In the course of our program, we teach students how to pace themselves with timing during the exam. We run timed question group sessions and encourage students to practice using the wipe off sheets (like the ones you will get at the testing sites). We also have a technique that you can use if you realize you are running out of time and you still have questions to answer. Knowing how to time correctly on the exam is crucial to getting high scores on the exam.

8. I am not sure why all the friends I studied with passed the exam and I did not. I have as much knowledge about medicine as they do. What is wrong with me?

There are many reasons why students are not successful on the exam. We do a diagnosis of each student during our program as to why they miss questions, especially if they know the material. Among the many variables (not subject strengths and weaknesses) we test for, we look for error patterns and we determine how students process information when they read and answer board-type questions. And so we begin with a diagnosis and development of an individual study plan for each student.

9. I suffer from test anxiety. Does your course offer any help in this area?

Yes, during our programs we have professional sessions on how to lessen test anxiety. We also teach students techniques on how to stay focused during an 8-hour exam.

10. How do you assess if I am making progress and if I am ready for the exam?

We have two ways in which we assess students throughout the program to monitor your progress. The first way is through daily progress sheets and the other is via simulated exams. Our Mock Board exams do not only assess your strengths and weaknesses in the subject areas but many other variables as well: i.e. your thought pattern when you are stuck between two answer choices and you pick the wrong one, timing, concentration, anxiety and so on.

11. Where do you suggest I stay when I come to your program?

As accommodation availability varies daily, please email us at for more information closer to when you are signing up for the course.

12. What is the name of the Atlanta airport?


13. What do I need to bring to the program?

Your reference book(s) – we do not have any preference. Also bring your laptop.

14. What are the hours of the program each day, and do we have class on weekends?

We start class at 8 AM every day and close around 2:30 or 3 PM. Homework is given each day. We can have class on the weekends.

15. Do you offer individual sessions? Other review programs limit how many individual sessions we can have. Do you also cap it?

Yes, we do offer individual sessions and no, we do not put a cap on how many. Students are welcome to sign up for sessions with Instructors from when class lets out until 5 PM.

16. What should I do after the program?

We meet with each student individually at the end of the program to evaluate their progress and to work on an exclusive post program study plan. We will monitor your work up until you take the exam at no charge.

17. I want to test in Atlanta, where are the Prometic centers?

75 Piedmont Ave NE Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30303

2295 Parklake Dr NE #130, Atlanta, GA 30345

5909 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd, Atlanta, GA 30328

18. Why don't you provide us with text books?
Students are already overwhelmed with all the text books they purchased during Medical School and they seriously don’t need to add to that. There is nothing more we can give you in print form than what you already have. (The cardiac cycle looks the same in every text book). We will issue you a Progress Book (to monitor your daily progress), and a Workbook because we use these on a daily basis. You are welcome to bring any of your favorite texts with you to the program. Don’t bring all – just two or three at the most.
19. What is your return policy?

Deposits are refundable up to 21 days before the program start date less 50% administration fees. Full payment is refundable up to 21 days before program start date less 10% administration fees. There are no refunds once the program starts.  You may transfer your paid program to another start date or to another person.

20. Do you offer any discounts?

Yes we do, please email for our discount list.

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